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Sophomore Career Connections

Sophomore Career Connections: Linking the Liberal Arts to the World of Work January 19-21, 2018

Vassar’s Sophomore Career Connections is designed to introduce second-year students to the vast array of career options available to liberal arts graduates. Drawing on the expertise of one of Vassar’s very best career resources—our alumnae/i and parent mentors—we hope to help students complement their liberal arts education with industry-specific knowledge, tap into the extensive Vassar network, and focus on their professional development in a safe space. Making these connections will serve sophomores well as they begin to consider not only summer internship options, but life beyond Vassar.

Sophomores will have the opportunity to meet with alumnae/i and parents mentors, attend industry-based career panels, participate in networking events, listen to a keynote address from one of our Vassar alumnae/i, and more.

Registration for Sophomore Career Connections will reopen in October 2018.

To learn more about Sophomore Career Connections, download the 2018 program booklet .

Sophomore Career Connections is made possible by collaboration between the Career Development Office and the Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development, as well as by the generosity of Carol Ostrow ‘77 and Michael Graff

What is Sophomore Career Connections about?

Why should I attend?

Sophomore year is a time of big decisions -- major selection, off-campus study options, and internship planning. This program is designed to assist you in thinking about these topics while utilizing our best resources: Vassar alumnae/i and parents and our Career Development Office staff.

What if I do not know what I want to do?

No worries, you are in good company! Most attendees of this program are not certain about their career path. This program is designed to let you explore areas of interest.

Who is attending?

Up to 200 sophomores, 75 alumnae/i and parent mentors, and assorted Vassar administrators and staff members.

Do I need to register to attend?

Yes, advance registration is required.

When and where does the program take place?

All events are on Vassar's campus and take place from Friday, January 19 through Sunday, January 21.

When can I return to campus?

Anytime after 9:00 a.m. on Friday, January 19. Sorry, no early arrivals prior to that date. Please note, the first meal provided will be dinner on Friday.

Do I need to check in with the Office of Residential Life to gain access to my room?

Enter your email Address

Linking in-school and out-of-school STEM learning

Linking in-school and out-of-school STEM learning. A publication of and , with generous support from .

STEM Learning Through Citizen Science Experiences

June 2018


Engaging Youth in Citizen Science

Editor Dennis Schatz welcomes you to the sixth issue of , which is focused on STEM learning through citizen science experiences.

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Philly Scientists

The Philly Scientists project engages underserved youth in grades 5–8 and their educators in a curriculum that includes a mobile application with a digital badging reward system.

Diversity and Equity

Curiosity Machine

The Curiosity Machine Family Program at Iridescent Learning brings underserved families together over five weeks to do open-ended engineering design challenges with the help of scientists and engineers, who mentor the families as they build.


Engaging Youth in Citizen Science

Editor Dennis Schatz welcomes you to the sixth issue of , which is focused on STEM learning through citizen science experiences.


Science Investigation and Developing Students’ Science-Process Skills Through Citizen Science

Educators at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, working with teachers as advisors, field testers, editors, and coauthors, developed resources to help educators gain confidence in engaging youth in citizen science and science investigations.

From the Archives

More from the Archives



ISSN: 2475-8779 NSTA Rights and Permissions No66 Town Womens Lightweight Flyknit Running Jogging Shoes Comfortable Platform Sneakers US5510 Black KAEUaam5

Copyright © 2018 Connected Science Learning · All Rights Reserved

The NSF grant that NSTA and ASTC used to build Connected Science Learning wraps up in May 2017. We’ve come a long way. It enabled us to find common ground in the K-12 and informal science educator communities. We published two issues and reached thousands of readers. 3,200 of you signed up to receive alerts from us when new content is hot-off-the-press. Now is the time we ask you to take the leap with us. If everyone reading this just this month gave $5, our fundraiser would be done. That’s right, the price of a cup of coffee is all we need. At CSL , we believe science matters. Please help us keep CSL online and growing.

Glide v4

Generated API

Glide v4 uses an annotation processor to generate an API that allows applications to access all options in RequestBuilder , Romika Womens Maddy H 03 Slip On Anthracite/Black oz0Dm7hGY7
and any included integration libraries in a single fluent API.

The generated API serves two purposes:

Although both of these tasks can be accomplished by hand by writing custom subclasses of RequestOptions , doing so is challenging and produces a less fluent API.

The generated API is only available for applications for now. Limiting the generated API to applications allows us to have a single implementation of the API, instead of N implementations, one per library and the application. As a result, it’s much simpler to manage imports and ensure that all call paths within a particular application have the correct options applied. This restriction may be lifted (experimentally or otherwise) in a future version.

For now the API is only generated when a properly annotated AppGlideModule is found. There can only be one AppGlideModule per application. As a result it’s not possible to generate the API for a library without precluding any application that uses the library from using the generated API.

To use the generated API in your application, you need to perform two steps:

Add a dependency on Glide’s annotation processor:

See the Ribbed Textured Rubber Sneaker Flatform Lace Up Combat Ankle Bootie Black CUFHZ1
for more detail.

Include a AppGlideModule implementation in your application:

You’re not required to implement any of the methods in AppGlideModule for the API to be generated. You can leave the class blank as long as it extends AppGlideModule and is annotated with @GlideModule .

AppGlideModule implementations must always be annotated with @GlideModule . If the annotation is not present, the module will not be discovered and you will see a warning in your logs with the Glide log tag that indicates that the module couldn’t be found.

Note: Libraries should not include AppGlideModule implementations. See the configuration page for details.

The death of a respected elder

Mohammednur was a widely-recognised individual in Eritrea. He was a key figure in organising the 1960s pro-independence student demonstrations in which Afwerki participated, and he was once arrested for his active role in Eritrea’s armed struggle.

His younger brother, Taha Mohammednur, was a co-founder of the Eritrea Liberation Front (ELF), the rebel group that started the war of independence. The current ruling party, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), originated as a splinter of the ELF. Taha also died in custody , in 2008. He had served in several senior government posts after Eritrea’s liberation before he was arrested in 2005 alongside several other prominent figures on unspecified charges.

The outpouring of grief and anger following Mohammednur’s death last week can partly be explained by his influence and reputation. The elder’s decades-long service and dedication to his community and country earned him a deep respect. It was for this that he was made president of Al Diaa Islamic School despite his advanced years.

Sometimes when prominent individuals have been arbitrarily arrested in Eritrea, they have been quietly dismissed as possible accomplices or quickly forgotten by the wider community. But this was not the case with Mohammednur. After his detention, sheikhs at Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin, Asmara’s biggest mosque, reportedly took the bold step of using their Friday sermons to urge adherents to stand by him. Sources say that since the protest in October, most of the capital’s mosques have been subjected to tight security. It is even believed President Afwerki himself followed Mohammednur’s case closely and was personally behind the order of the prisoner’s release in December.

Security forces also seemed well aware of the possible flare up the elder’s death might cause. They allegedly delayed the release of his body for a day in order to avoid it coinciding with Friday prayers, when which large numbers of people gather. However, that did not stop mourners mobilising a day later for Mohammednur’s funeral.

That large demonstration of popular frustration was one more sign that the government’s faith in the power of the gun to maintain control and keep the population silent is increasingly being challenged today.

The police on the streets of Asmara are said to be nervous. The same may well be true of officials in the President’s Office following another public expression of dissent in a country where the price of expressing dissent is high. In Eritrea, the free press has been stifled and thousands of political prisoners languish in appalling conditions.

On the one hand, Afwerki’s government may be quietly relieved by the passing of Mohammednur despite the disturbances it inspired. His death means authorities longer have to deal with a man who commanded wide respect, whose age-old credentials as an Eritrean patriot were tough to question, and whose recent open defiance was causing it trouble.

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